happy woman using propane powered dryer cayman islands

Benefits of a Propane Powered Dryer

Propane powered appliances offer homeowners an efficient, convenient, and quick laundry solution. They also offer the latest innovations such as steam cycles to de-wrinkle and freshen garments, drum lights to better see into the unit and LCD control screens for ease of use.  Dryers powered by propane offer faster drying times, and they are easier […]

Man Checking Heavy Propane Equipment On Site

Reduce Emissions with Propane Powered Equipment 

Less CO2 emissions with propane equipment   The benefits of propane as a clean fuel are extremely important to consider when we are looking at ways to reduce emissions in businesses, schools, and institutions. Emission standards are becoming more strict and propane will allow for regulations to be met without forfeiting performance.  Using propane can […]

Person Relaxing By Propane Fire Pit Cayman Islands

Outdoor living in the Cayman Islands 

Enhance your outdoor experience with propane   It’s easy to turn your home yard into the ultimate entertainment space. The Cayman Christmas breeze is finally here and whether you love to host parties or simply want to enjoy your outdoor space after a long day, propane can help you enhance your experience. The holidays are […]

Auto Gas Day 2021 LPG Vehicle

Autogas Day – What It Is And How You Can Help 

Autogas Day 2021 is here!  Automotive liquid petroleum gas (LPG) or Autogas is the most accessible, clean-burning, ecologically safe alternative fuel for vehicles. LPG is a mixture of gasses, of which the most popular is propane. LPG autogas is labeled as HD-5 which means it is 95% propane or higher with 5% other gasses. As […]

Caribbean Couple Reviewing Electricity Bill

6 ways to reduce your monthly gas bills at home

Tips on how to reduce your monthly electricity bills Recent times are tough as COVID continues to affect our livelihoods. Many people have experienced reduced hours or have lost their jobs entirely. Others work from home and find it difficult to balance work and family. The onset of the pandemic has undoubtedly caused many to […]

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Cayman Grill Guide: Building our Community Through Food

Cayman has a rich food history, from our take on classic Caribbean dishes like jerk chicken with rice and peas, cassava cake and conch fritters to Cayman Style Beef, with each family having their own secret version. While these recipes represent a thread in the fabric of a family legacy, securing every nuance is challenging. […]

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Above & underground propane tanks: knowing the difference

At Clean Gas, we provide full propane systems design and installation for commercial and residential projects, including above-ground propane tanks and under-ground propane tank options. But you might be wondering, what is the difference between above and underground tanks. Let’s find out…   Appearance The main difference between an underground and above-ground propane tank is […]

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4 reasons professional chefs prefer propane gas cooktops

Are you an avid home chef and professional foodie? Do you love trying new recipes and recreating dishes at home? Just because you’re not a world-class chef, doesn’t mean you can’t cook like one!  If there is one thing in your home kitchen that will increase your cooking game, switching to a gas cooktop is […]

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Renovating your home? Consider propane gas appliances!

Are you thinking about doing some renovations to your home? Are you sick of expensive electricity bills every month? Consider the benefits of propane gas and turn your house into your dream home. Combining comfort with high efficiency and lower utility bills, it’s a win-win.   Propane products for your home You might not know […]

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Propane vs Natural Gas vs Electricity: What’s the difference?