Newsletter March 2017

What’s in your House?

Is your house costing you money? Many home owners have never asked themselves this question, and are spending hundreds more on energy than needed. Switching to Clean Green Propane will save you thousands of years in energy costs. Call Clean Gas today to see how we can help you start saving your earned “Green”.

Sell or rent your home faster with essential appliances

Consumers can reduce their energy spend by as much as 35% to 40% by using clean burning propane appliances. Consumers know this, so when they are looking for a rental of a home to purchase, they look for homes with propane appliances. Call Clean Gas today to get your free analysis and design.

It’s time to flush your tank-less water heater

Are you experiencing low hot water pressure, periods of hot and cold water, or longer than normal waits for hot water? If you answered “yes” to any of these issues, your water heater needs to be serviced. Don’t wait until you have no hot water. Call Clean Gas your tankless water heater professionals, and get yours serviced today.

Propane is a non-toxic, ordourless, colourless, and isn’t a CFC or HFC, so it doesn’t hurt the environment. Also, using propane appliances reduces the demand for electricity, therefore reducing diesel power generation emissions, and heavy particulates, thus keeping Cayman Clean and Green? Call Clean Gas today to learn more.

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